Will your child/children be unable to accompany you on the Disney Wonder© trip?

Children’s Medical Release Form - The Children’s Medical Release Form will assist your child/children’s caregiver with important information while you are away!

This leave- at-home form will allow you to name the guardian(s) that have your permission to act on your behalf during your absence, along with informing your appointed guardian with any special medical needs or requirements that your child/children may have.

Click here to access the Children’s Medical Release Form.

Permission to Travel and Medical Release Form – a youth traveling out of the United States with only one parent/guardian or no parent/guardian must possess a notarized “Permission to Travel & Medical Release Form”that authorizes the child/children to travel with said adult (i.e. grandparent) and authorizes medical treatment in case of emergency. If parents are divorced or one parent is deceased, please fill out this form and send it with the child as well as any appropriate proof that supports this authorization.

Click here to access the Permission to Travel & Medical Release Form

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Children's Medical Release Form
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